About us

We are here to help restaurants and grocery stores to sell food online and increase their income by creating their own online delivery store.

We are a small dynamic team. Most of our team have many years of experience in building solutions for the retail & hospitality industry.

We like to work with every business because we believe that every business is different. We want to make Boost Eat! work as perfectly as possible for every one of it.

We passionately pursue excellence in order to make ourselves, our team and our world a better place.

Boost Eat! is developed in Timisoara, Romania

Timisoara is the main social, economic and cultural centre in western Romania.

Timisoara was first officially mentioned as a place in 1212 and in 1884 was the first European city to be lit by electric street lamps.

Timisoara was designated European Capital of Culture 2023.

Legal information

Eatble Technology SRL

Fiscal code: RO44816605

Trade Registry no.: J12/4122/2021

Headquarter: 177F Popesti, Cluj County, Romania, 407058

E-mail: [email protected]